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Like most alternative theater companies, Theater Du Jour depends on the support of like-minded people. Our recent production, Poor Oedipus, would not have been possible without the private support of just two generous contributors. You can help us continue our work many ways.

Financial support

Sure, take out your checkbook and write out a check. But first, make sure to write the check to our fiscal management, The District of Columbia Arts Center. Mail your contribution to 2438 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009. You can make a contribution by credit card by telephoning 1 (202) 462-7833, or soon on the web. All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Material support

Book our workshops and shows for your space, school or organization. We can be very flexible with fees and accommodations, and are eager to demonstrate our process. Contact us for more information on how. And we need stuff and space. Storage is something we need, as well as general office supplies and equipment. Printing, design, distribution, photography, advertising and advise on millions of topics are often in need. Studio space for rehearsals, daily work and workshops is also needed.

Spiritual support

Come see our performances and attend our workshops. We are flexible with fees and encourage exchange. Also, most workshops can be observed free of charge with advance notice and agreement. Tell your friends about our activities, encourage debate and discussion about training for actors, what it should be, what it should include. Read about the researchers and the work that brought us to this point. We stand on the shoulders of so many that we must take time to acknowledge their efforts and learn from them. We are happy to be a part of that conversation and encourage you to contact us for other websites, bibliographies, theater groups and individuals who share this interest. We like to know what's going on out there.