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Workshops and Classes

There are several types of workshop situations in which one may encounter the working process of Theater Du Jour. These workshops are offered periodically, but may also be requested for groups of six or more. They can be tailored to be to meet specific time restrictions, ranging from working demonstrations to multi-week sessions.






Introduction to physical training

Participants learn the principles of alternation and focus through some of the physical exercises developed and used by directors such as Jerzy Growtowski, Eugenio Barba and Ingemar Lindh and their individual companies. These exercises are an introduction to the primary elements of group improvisation and lay the ground work for creation of the actor’s “material.” The work involves rigorous physical activity, and is not recommended for those with back problems or fragile bodies.


Material and Improvisation

This workshop focuses on the creation of repeatable “scores” of action used in group improvisations that constitutes their material. The actor’s material functions as the building blocks of company-created performances and is developed over time with the principles inherent in the physical training. Depending on the length of the workshop, this work may include our approach to vocal work as well. It does not include any of the physical training exercises, so it is possible for actors with limited physical abilities to participate.

Working with a Repeatable Score

With prescribed short scores of action participants learn to find the abundance of variation within a limited amount of material. Utilizing basic treatments such as speed, size, tension and direction the actor takes control of the material and discovers how it can be used to influence group improvisation as well as be influenced by other’s proposals. This workshop is an excellent introduction to the principles used by Theatre Du Jour and is useful for actors of any skill level or genre. It is appropriate for all ages and physical types.

Ongoing participation

The members of Theater Du Jour maintain a regular working schedule that includes regular training touched on in the workshops. After completing the most basic workshops, individuals may request to be allowed to participate in the group's work. These sessions are often used to expand the number of exercises and treatments being used by the actor and provide the base from which productions are created. Ongoing participation is by invitation only and is voted on by the members of the company.